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Why is Frying Bad for You? Give the Solution Like the Oven

Have You thought the frying impact on health? Frying is not an authentic way. At the same time, this is the most common practice that is used in homes and restaurants as well. Another hand frying is the fast and inexpensive method to prepares the food without being wonder about the health outcomes.

Many people prefer fried foods; they feel fuller and upright with the intake of unhealthy fried food rather than the healthy and simple one. Here is some explanation regarding Why is Frying Bad for You and how it assists bad health outcomes.

Fried food is high in Calories.

You should take care of your daily calorie intake. No needs to take the calories dense food, especially when you have the option to eat some natural. Most of the time, fried food is coated with flour, butter, cream, and many other things that absorb more oil and fat. Getting more fried food leads to higher calorie intake, which is exceeded according to the body requirements. Like a French fry, the potato has 320 calories, while a baked potato has 90 calories. Here is the big calorie difference that you can count as well.

Assists Weight Gain

Obesity is the pandemic condition of this time in which above than 70% of people suffer. Fried food has many unhealthy components that promote weight gain procedure. It is very difficult to get back the slim and trim figure with the regular use of fried food. So, you must think about your physique and limits the use of fatty food which is come from the frying procedure.

Increase Risk of Chronic Diseases

Hydrogenation is a gas production procedure in the food, which will increase the food shelf life. Trans fat is formed when the food goes into the hydrogenated procedure and becomes difficult for a breakdown. This fat is linked with many chronic diseases like heart, diabetes, cancer, and many others. When frying is done, the food gets higher trans-fat content, which will lead to coronary diseases. According to the report of the National Institute of health report 2019 in Women, the regular consumption of fried food, especially fried chicken and fried fish, is associated with cardiovascular mortality.

Alternatives Cooking Methods to Frying Food

Instead of frying food, you should choose some alternative and best methods. Here is some alternative method of cooking which are free from any side effects.


Stir-frying is one of the fast and healthy cooking methods that sustain the nutritional value of the food and enhances the taste. This procedure includes cooking the food over a high flame with little bit oil and any other liquid like water or broth.

Baking by Oven

Baking provides a quick method of food preparation in which a hot oven is used. A person can bake veggies, meat, white meat, and any other food according to the needs. Just preheat the oven, place an oven tray with parchment paper, and spread your food. Let it cook until the desired texture appears.


Grilling gives a rich smoky flavor to your food, but you should marinate the food for 30 minutes before grilling. This procedure marks food taste so good, which is delicious without any additional fat content. If you have a grilled pan, then nothing is required for grilling. Just sprinkles some herbs and go on the grilled pan.

Bottom Lines

Frying is not good for your health. The mentioned alternatives are best, which you should choose to get healthy, nutritional, and delicious food. So, no need to go towards the frying procedure and just adopts the alternative method of frying.



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