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The Problem of The Bad Emotions and Psychological Stress on the Immune System

Stress and negative emotions are common for human beings. Usually, people show negative emotions like anger and frustration in stress. Several factors contribute to stress, but have you ever thought what stress can do to your body and your immunity?

Similarly, negative emotions also affect not only your mental health but also your immunity. Immunity is our natural defense system against germs bacteria and viruses. Stress and bad emotions play an important role in weakening your defense system. Hence, you may become a victim of many diseases.

How Do Bad Emotions and Psychological Stress Affect Immunity?

Your body produces a higher amount of the chemicals/ hormones in tension. These hormones include cortisol, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These hormones are also called stress hormones. Our mind releases them in large amounts during tension or stress.

These hormones initiate some adverse physical reactions. They can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. You may suffer from muscle cramps and sweating. They also disturb your sleep cycle. in short stress is criminal for all health issues.

On the other hand, stressors also affect immunity. According to research stressed people quickly become a victim of infections. Even seasonal allergies catch them easily. When you’re facing stress, the immune system’s capability to battle against diseases becomes low. That is why you are more disposed to infections and diseases.

Effects of Stress Hormones on Immunity

Stress and negative emotions usually trigger the release of similar hormones. Cortisol also increases our appetite, and may you notice that some people eat more during stressed conditions.

Stress can affect your food preferences, too. Vast research has shown that tension increases the intake of sugary foods. Some people take more sugary foods in tension. Sugar releases happiness hormones, and you may feel relaxed outwardly.

Stress and negative emotions ruin your digestive system. you can have upset stomach. You may not be able to take the proper benefits of food nutrients. You may have bowel issues. All of these factors result in low immunity.

Stress Can Alter Your Basic Immune Process

According to research, stress and negative emotions can change your necessary immune process. Your body’s immune system responds poorly to the external antigens.

A study was conducted on medical students who were given flu shots. They were tracked using a different advanced system, and their saliva sample was taken daily to check the cortisol level. After one month, the researcher declared that flu shots reduce their efficiency in students with stress. This research supports that stress has a link with low immunity.

Final Thoughts

Stress is a silent killer for your immunity. Poor emotional health can also weaken your body’s immunity. You are more likely to get infections during emotionally difficult times.

it is essential to Stay away from stress/ negative emotions for better immunity and better mental health. Adopt a positive attitude to deal with stress and bad emotions. Life is worthy so don’t ruin it by be being stressed.



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