Bowel Problems Absorbing Food

There are several factors which can cause bowel problems and malabsorption. Malabsorption is the medical state in which the human body doesn’t absorb the nutrients from the food you eat.

Nutrients are not absorbed properly in your small intestine, and the body doesn’t get enough energy. This situation leads to various health issues including bowel problems. Sometimes this condition becomes life-threatening too.

Causes of Malabsorption

  • Most of the nutrients absorb into the small intestinal while the rest of the food/nutrients absorb in the large intestine. Your blood then carries nutrients to your bones, muscles, and organs and throughout the body.
  • Parasitic infections can damage your gut. This damage can cause low absorbability of nutrients. These nutrients come out in your bowl without absorbing in the body.
  • Some intestinal disorders like celiac diseases and gluten sensitivity can also cause malabsorption. Your body can’t absorb the nutrients from grains. These nutrients also expel out from the body.
  • ¨Sometimes certain drugs act together with your digestive enzymes. This interaction can cause malabsorption. The medication also affects the absorbability of nutrients. Your intestine cant absorbs the nutrients in presence of medicines.
  • Sometimes Short bowel disease  also the reason of not absorbing nutrients. In this condition, your body is weak to absorb sufficient nutrients from the food you eat. The reason is that you don’t have sufficient small intestine. In this way, what you eat come out form the body .
  • Sometimes swelling in intestine can affect its functions. The result of this disease is malabsorption.

Side Effects of Malabsorption

  • There are several side effects of malabsorption. Malabsorption can lead to serious health complications if left untreated or unnoticed.
  • ‘Malabsorption of nutrients can affect your bone density. You need calcium vitamin d and nutrients for healthy bones. Lack of these nutrients due to malabsorption can cause complications. You become prone to fractures.
  • ‘Anemia and iron deficiency is very common in people who are suffering from malabsorption. Iron deficiency results in shortening of breathing. Sometimes it leads to breathing issues.
  • Individuals need nutrients from the food they eat to perform life activities smoothly. Due to malabsorption, they can’t get enough nutrients. They always feel tired and low.
  • ‘Malabsorption also affects the digestion of food, and people can feel gas in the stomach.
  • Malabsorption also leads to unhealthy weight loss. Your body is not getting enough nutrients to gain weight properly. For better health body needs vitamins/minerals.  
  • People with malabsorption also have low immunity. They usually suffer many other health concerns. They don’t have immunity to fight against the disease. They become easy prey of diseases.

A Piece of Advice

 Every human being is different, so their body reacts differently to the malabsorption of nutrients. Consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
 Untreated malabsorption can be life-threatening. Feel free while sharing with the doctor. Don’t try to hide anything from your doctor regarding symptoms and disease. Treatment and medication depend upon the severity. A right diagnosis can save your life.



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