Everything You Need to Know About cooker Rice on the Bento

If you want to learn more about Chinese culture and cuisine, you know that there is one thing that you might have come across hundreds of times and that is plain white rice. White rice or steamed rice is the most common part of Chinese cuisine. They are made in different ways and are very popular among the Chinese people.

White rice is the first thing you need to learn to cook if you are planning on learning Chinese cuisine. It is the foundation of many recipes you would want to make in future. White rice is consumed in breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can use rice as your daily lunch.

People nowadays are always in a hurry and want instant solutions for their hunger cravings.

The Most Common Rice Cooking Mistakes

When cooking rice, many people do not get the desired result. Either the rice is too sticky and soggy, or the rice is hard enough to eat with chopsticks. People have no idea about the water to rice ratio while cooking steamed rice. There are a few people out there who do not have any idea about the utensils you need to cook rice. Some people have no idea about the right quantity of making rice per servings and end up wasting food.

Bento Box-size is the best solution to some common rice cooking problems!!

The problems, as mentioned earlier, were solved when Japan introduced One-Person Bento Box-sized Rice Cooker. This rice cooker made life so much easy. If you are single and want to cook rice for one person, only you do not have to buy a rice cooker that cooks rice for 5 to 6 person. This gadget will help you make rice for a single person serving.

Specifications of One-Person Bento Box-Sized Rice Cooker
The packaging of this rice cooker is pretty simple and compact. There are; a lid, a detachable electric cord, and a small cup with which you can measure the rice before cooking it. It base is 9.4 inches long, ten centimetres wide, and eight centimetres in height.

On the inside of the cooker, you would find some measurement lines. It has two readings “1”, and “0.5”. One is for when you have to make a full scoop of the cup which makes 6.1 ounces of rice. 0.5 is when you have to fill the water for half scoop of rice from the cup.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Rice on the Bento

The cooking method takes simply fourteen minutes for half scoop and for a full-scoop serving it needs 19 minutes.
So, all you have got to do is simply load the compact rice cooker with washed rice and hit the switch to start up the speedy preparation method.

6 Reasons Why You Should Make Rice in the Bento

Pros of Japanese One-Person Bento Box-sized Rice Cooker
This mini gadget has a bundle of advantages which include the following:

• It is easily portable and weighs hardly 1 kg.
• It has measuring dimensions engraved on the inside of the cooker.
• It is unbelievably compact and light-weight.
• It quietly does its job without making any machinery noise.
• It is easy to wash and store.
• It is less time-consuming.

Most of all, it saves you from all the imperfections and problems of cooking rice and offers you the best-steamed rice on the go.
Some tip for you: Bring yourself some curry or different toppings, and you will have a quick ready meal even at your workplace.



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