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is chicken Shu Mai Healthy Nutrition Calories and More

Very popular of Asian origin, is the steamed chicken Siu Mai and the lamb meat, also known as shumai. This very nutritious recipe can also be accompanied by a special sauce to increase its flavor and the good taste of your palate.

The Shumai, also pronounced «Siu mai or shaomai», also although in English they are known as Chinese Dumplings, it is a small bag of wonton pasta, stuffed with different ingredients, mainly for the filling the lamb, the prawns, the Mushrooms, bamboo, Chinese rice wine (Shaoxing), sesame oil. Although according to the version we can find a huge variety of combinations and ingredients.

The only potential issue with   is that its healthiness is questionable…? Does the recipe contain much fat? Not to worry, we’re here to solve this problem for you!

Ingredients. (Portion for 4 people)

500 g skinless chicken drumstick.

150 grams of clean peeled shrimp.

Dried shitake mushrooms 3 pieces.

1 or 2 tablespoons cornmeal.

Dumpling skin.


Salt, sugar, oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil (all 1 tablespoon).

Specific properties of each ingredient in chicken shumai

-healthy advice

This recipe can be homemade, with multiple benefits compared to others that can be obtained in the street.

Lots of fiber, large volume and low calories.

Foods that have a notable contribution of fiber in their composition and have few calories with a large volume are usually foods that have high aqueous content and a low presence of fats and other energy components.

When trying to lose weight and take care of ourselves, it is always advisable to moderate the intake of foods more concentrated in calories, such as the shu mai Chicken recipe.

Street foods are characterized by containing simple sugars contained in food (easy absorption) and trans fat, these are components of food that are linked to increased risk of gaining weight.



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