3 places eat in Las Vegas.

Hell’s Kitchen at Caesar’s Palace it’sn Gordon Ramsay’s place it’s a spin-off of his Hell’s Kitchen TV show it’s the TV show come to life it’s just like being

in the TV show as dinner, you can eat in the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant and you can criticize as you see fit I ordered the beef wellington of course it’s

Gordon Ramsay’s signature item we’ve seen him make this on just about every TV show he’s had over the last decade or more, and it’s fabulous

I mean it’s the best beef wellington I’ve ever had of course the

only other time ever happy Bobby was at the Bellagio buffet, and that was a long

time ago back then that place served beef wellington I also got the

Wagyu meatballs with polenta dumplings taste a great looked even better but

probably wouldn’t get this again since its $18 and it’s the cheapest appetizer

on the menu at Hell’s Kitchen but the sticky toffee pudding as well

worth it this is an item that’s on every Gordon Ramsay menu at all of his

restaurants in different incarnations at every place and here at Hell’s Kitchen is what it looks like, and it’s downright incredible it’s actually

downright impossible everywhere I’ve had it my best advice if you’re planning to come to Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Caesar’s Palace make a reservation this place is popular trendy you

can get a ticket make sure to plan another place that I

went and enjoyed quite a bit was also at Caesar’s Palace and that is Giada’s

pronto Giada De Laurentiis, of course, famous on the Food Network and

in her own right has a celebrity chef he’s got a line of cookbooks and products and now restaurants

pronto being the first of what is supposedly going to be a whole chain of

they but you can visit the first flagship pronto at Caesar’s Palace it’s

right across from Rao’s and the bacchanal buffet there are all sorts of

sandwiches and to-go items like you’d get at Starbucks and the coffee

speaking of is some of the best coffee I’ve had in Vegas in a while

it comes from counter culture coffee which is out of Durham North Carolina

and they know what they’re doing with their coffee beans down there

and my one advice to you for pronto by Giada is to expect to spend more than you think you should for a coffee and a sandwich course that’s probably true at

Starbucks to another place I enjoyed Yardbird recently at the

Venetian this is a southern chicken establishment that has a few locations

around the country in the world and famously in Miami and now opening in Los Angeles.

Yardbird is the namesake chicken fried chicken waffles and if I had one recommendation it would be to get that deviled eggs these are unlike any deviled eggs I’ve had before I come from a long line of the depth of egg lovers now for something a little bit.

more budget-oriented I went to the Luxor buffet this is a buffet that compared to the strip buffets at the Bellagio.



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